Sunday, March 11, 2018

Things You Need To Know About Membershipworks

Membership works are one kind of donation, membership, events and directory platform for membership groups like networking, chambers, professional and associations groups. This plugin will mix up the membership work account of yours to the WordPress site. For a small group, membership works are free of cost. For any organization, membershipworks plugin is an important tool.The plus point of this tool is it very easy, you will not find any difficulty while using it.

Here We Will See The Procedure For Installation

First of all, you need to install the plugin and activate it.
Once it is installed you need to enter your id and password and log in to your membership works account
Next step is by using the shortcodes you have to create pages for member directory, member sign in, a calendar for event and member deal pages.
Next, you have to create the membership level and set up the gateway of payment.
If your tax rate is applicable setup for that.
The fourth step is to import the member along with the CSV file
Last but not the least if you face any problem regarding the documentation or videos you can take help from the plugin help section.

Use Wordpress Plugin And Enjoy The Facilities

If you want to set up the WordPress you have to utilize the shortcode of the membership directory, a form of membership and event calendar. Wordpress is compatible and completely responsive to many themes. You can easily avail the membershipworks WordPress Plugin and billing configuration. To check how it is you can try the trial periods and get the discount code. By signing up members can downgrade or upgrade the membership, this much facility they have. When you renew your account you can get the facility like automated email. You can easily send bulk messages or emails to the members.

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