Thursday, April 12, 2018

Guide To Create A Wordpress Site

Are you interested in creating a WordPress membership site? WordPress has evolved as the talk of the town because of its flexibility and easy to use methodology. Follow this step by step process and learn how to create a WordPress membership site like a pro! 

Requirements To Start A Membershipworks Wordpress Plugin

A decade back, it was not so easy to create a website. But with MembershipWorks plugin, anyone can gather the knowledge of creating a website and start off with their business in no time. Today, no technical skill is requires. You will need few things to begin, namely:

·       A domain name to form the website’s address.
·       A web hosting account to store all your website files.
·       A membership add-on to convert a normal website to membership platform.
With these materials in hand, you can easily capture the hacks of learning to create a membership website with WordPress. The whole process will require almost 30 minutes.


1.     Ensure that you are using the correct WordPress platform. Generally there are two WordPress versions. Use as it never restricts you to use its features.
2.     There are plenty of plugins. You are free to choose any. But each plugin has its good and bad. Therefore, after you have chosen one, you need to deal with the pros and cons of it. Before choosing the plugins decide what kind of plugin you need.
3.     In this step you need to set up the WordPress membership website. Make sure that the plugin that you chose should be in sync with the membership site. Install and activate the membership site first.
4.     As said that nothing is free in this world, here there is a payment option. Set a payment gateway as it allows you to accept payments on your site. Membership supports PayPal, Stripe, Express, Standard, Pro, etc.
5.     Next, create membership levels from which your customers can purchase.

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